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Introduction :
acrylic.cn    Micro Acrylic Specialties, established in Guanlan since 1987, specialized in acrylic hand-made products more than 30 years, having a good reputation in acrylic feild! Ellis Lee, the founder of Micro Acrylic, now has another challenging idea to fullfill. He intends to sell all the production equipments, along with the clients information and client management platform. If you are interested, please contact us.
Notice :
Acrylic sheets price increase by 10% in June [2010-5-26]
The cost of the acrylic sheet has been increasing since a month ago. Now we are informed that the price is going to increase by 10% in the following June, and there will be more presure for the fare increase in the coming days. The reason is that the raw materials (MMA) is out of stock, resulting in short supply. We know that we can apply some Domestic Acrylic sheet and recycling material, but we also know that it's with muddy yellow color (not high clear enough) and impurities inside. And its material properties are instable, which may bring the bubbles while processing, leading to the difficulties in secondary processing. In order to maintain our high quality, we have to refuse using the material above. Thank you for your understanding! [ Comment ]

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